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Vector of Value

Tom Bélanger is one of those rare individuals with an innate sense of healthy leadership. From his very first jobs, his ability to naturally take the lead led him to lead the teams in which he was first accepted as a subordinate.


Driven by the desire to surpass himself - and to get others to do so, in his path - he is also methodical, orderly and tidy in nature. The Industrial Engineering program seemed to him to be the ideal career path.

After earning his bachelor's degree at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, the young engineer was recruited as production manager by a small and medium-sized enterprise, which gave him the mandate to improve its processes and implement a culture focused on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.


Perceiving the company's potential, the young engineer convinced the owner to make him a partner and devoted all his energy to helping the company grow. Five years later, the organization is solidly structured and has doubled its sales.

One thing leading to another, Tom is developing expertise in process implementation, continuous improvement and change management for his own account as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. He has masterfully piloted several successful mergers and acquisitions while ensuring that the troops in place are guided and secured.


Indifferent to notions of hierarchy, Tom approaches management in all its forms with humility and respect. His vision of leadership is based on collaboration and empowerment.

With over 15 years of experience, this seasoned professional is now putting his skills at the service of entrepreneurs. Having been involved in all aspects of an organization, from finance and marketing to production and human resources, he understands the dynamics and challenges that owners face in growing and developing their business.

His objective: to be a real vector of value creation for his customers. And it does so by supporting managers and their teams in the pursuit of operational excellence through the implementation of improvements and efficient processes that lighten the burden of day-to-day management and operations. Because better bosses inspire better employees. 


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